Michelle Wuescher


E-mail: michelle.wuescher@gmail.com


Positive, affable, polite, honest, collaborative, responsible and willing to help others


Mother tongue: Italian

Others: English and French (B2)

Internship and professional experiences

March - April 2021 - Assistant costume designer of Valentina Rampazzi, for the Web serie Arthur 2, Inmagine Production in Mendrisio, RSI Swiss Italian Television, directed by Nick Rusconi.

  • Costumes research

  • Costume accessories' making

  • Work on set

January 2021 - Assistant seamstress of Deborah Erin Parini, costumes making for the show "L'extraordinaire aventure de Jacques", by Lauren Fodor.

  • Sewing trousers, collars and zippers

  • Sewing overalls in stretch fabrics

  • Hot cutting of synthetic fabrics

November/December 2020 - Internship as seamstress in an industrial tailor's shop, Punto 301 in Mendrisio.

  • Use of industrial sewing machines

  • Sewing of masks and filters

November/December 2020 - Assistant Costumes and Set Designer of Deborah Erin Parini, at the Locarno's Paravento Theatre, for the show "Aggiungi al Carrello", written by Luisa Ferroni, Rita Pelusio and Domenico Ferrari.

  • Set design

  • Costumes (as seamstress)

Computer technology










September 2019 - Costume’s decoration, Teatro alla Scala, Arrigo’s costume shop, Milano Opera Giulio Cesare. Director Robert Carsen

  • Costume aging workshop ​

April 2019 - Costume designer/seamstress, Carcano Theatre, Milano
Opera Don Giovanni. Director Mattia Testi

  • Assistant during the performance as costume designer/seamstress

  • Research/repertory costumes adaptation

  • Wig making/creation

  • Sartorial repairs, hems, etc.

2010 - present
2010 - present

February 2018 - Supporting seamstress/Seamstress, LowCostume costume shop, Roma

  • Hems seams, buttons, tags, etc.

  • Realization/making of round skirt in tulle

  • Realization/making of little girls’ dresses

  • Sartorial repairs

October 2017 - Supporting set designer/seamstress, LAC Arte and Cultura, Lugano

During the stage of the show, “Per Te”. Compagnia Finzi Pasca

  • Assistant during the performance as seamstress

  • Set design construction/assembly

  • Costumes’ repair

July 2017 - Supporting set designer/scene/production, LAC Arte and Cultura, Lugano During the rehearsal of the shows, “Icaro” and “Per te”. Compagnia Finzi Pasca

  • Lighting assembly, set design and props

  • Props’ creation

  • Scenic elements’ restoration (aging of furniture elements with acrylic paint)

  • Realization of a fabric backdrop using various fabric’s colours

  • Realization of cloth’s cases for mirror panels


2017-2020 Master’s degree in Costume Design, Brera’s Academy of Fine Arts, Milano

Thesis title: Comme une paillette fait la magie du cirque


2013-2107 Bachelor’s degree in Set Design, Brera’s Academy of Fine Arts, Milano

Thesis title: Molto rumore per Branagh